Christina Ager



She can ski, that’s for sure. At the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck in 2012 the international sport world fell spontaneously in love with her: When she messed up the Olympic oath in the first sentence, she acknowledged briefly and unforgettably pleasantly with one word: “Shit!” Then she won two medals. On this damned Friday in January during the Combined in Lenzerheide this short statement from back then must have shot through her mind again. Her best World Cup result in 13th place with a stupid virtually harmless crash in the finishing area. Then the diagnosis: partially torn inner ligament, strained anterior cruciate ligament, bruised bone in the left knee. Bitter. One month later she was back on skis again for a European Cup downhill. Regeneration in record time. With such a mindset a lot is possible. Then as she rightly says: “Success is a journey and not a destination.” For her next attempt to reach the top of the world she’s created a beautiful motto: "It can be easy again."

Birthday 11.11.1995
Discipline Slalom, Giant Slalom