Niklas Köck



Everything had come together so well and so harmoniously: Niklas Köck, a rising star on the ski horizon, with a great European Cup performance, had secured himself a Super G place in the World Cup, found himself a personal sponsor and proved himself in the select Super G on the Saslong in Gröden in December 2017. It’s not really that far to the top of the world either, he was practically there already. And now this sentence which starts with “But then...” But then: A completely normal training run in Saalbach - Hinterglemm, landed at a slight angle after a jump, not really anything, he didn’t even crash but still he knew within a split second: “That’s it now. For a while.” The first cut is the deepest: torn cruciate ligament, outer and inner meniscus are up the creek, ankle injury, his right knee is a case for the surgeon Christian Hoser. And here the tough hero journey began for the Redster hope Niklas Köck. In the meantime he’s completed the most important stage. The rehab went well, everything went well, and he’s got rid of his crutches. He could hike relatively quickly again and the rest is coming back too: skis and the dance floor that he loves. In the team Niklas is the King of card tricks, it’s just a shame no-one has found one for a quick comeback.

Birthday 01.02.1992
Home resort St. Jakob in Haus
Discipline Super-G, Giant Slalom
Hobbies hiking, basketball